Surface & 3D Modeling

Digitize your project with survey grade precision.

Aerial Surface & 3D Modeling is the tool of the future for many industries including Architectual Firms,
Engineering Firms ,City Management, Land Management and Real Estate, etc.

See the sample video, the gallery, and interact with the 3D Models below to get a clear picture of what we can deliver for you.

Interactive 3d Models

They may take a moment or two to load up, but it’s worth the time to see the detail and interactivity.
We give you an unparalleled view of your terrain or property.

At Flying Saucer, Inc. we are dedicated to capturing and processing aerial data in order to deliver high quality and detailed to scale digital 3D reconstructions of the real world.

  • Easily import Densified Point Clouds or 3D Textured Mesh into a large variety of industry standard GIS, CAD and Photogrammetry software.
  • Take precise, centimeter level measurements of any object or distance within the project at your convenience and from the comfort and safety of your office.
  • Great tool of reconstructing real-world locations in CGI.
  • Animated 3D fly-throughs of any project help to better visualize the project and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

For each mission, we deliver a detailed Quality Report so that you may rest assured that our results fall within your specifications. Click below or call (203) 244-9900.