Reality Modeling

Digitize your project with survey grade precision.

Aerial 3D Reality Modeling is the tool of the future for many industries including Land Surveying, Civil Engineers, Engineering Firms, Architectural Firms, City and Land Management.  Our drone modeling service will generate a 3d model which can then be used for a variety of industry standard deliverables such as:

  • Engineering ready 3d textured mesh models in a variety industry standard formats (.obj, .fbx, 3mx, .3sm, etc.).
  • Engineering ready 3d drawings (.dwg, .dgn, etc.).
  • Point Clouds.
  • Measure length, surface and volume anywhere with in the model via a free viewer.
  • Orthomosaics for any facade or surface.
  • Options for survey grade accurate geolocation (lat/lon positionsiong) in any coordinate system.
  • Options for survey grade accurate orthorectification (sub-centimeter measuring accuracy).
  • Video animations of the 3d model with up to 4k resolutions (.avi, .mov, .mp4, etc).
Video of sample Reality Models:
From Reality Model to Engineering Ready 3d DWG/DGN Models:
Our experienced pilots know how to capture every detail safely and our custom built UAV’s, or drones, carrying ultra-high resolution image sensors of up to 50 megepixels, don’t miss a thing.  Combining our capabilities with our Licensed Surveying and Professional Engineering Partners reassures that our deliverables fall within your tolerances and specifications.


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Interactive 3d Models

They may take a moment or two to load up, but it’s worth the time to see the detail and interactivity.
Easily share your asset model, embed on your website or view in any browser with shareable link.  The models you will receive contain much higher detail then the compressed for web viewing models below.

At Flying Saucer, Inc. we are dedicated to capturing and processing aerial data in order to deliver high quality and detailed to scale digital 3D reconstructions of the real world.