Mapping & Surveying

See every square inch with centimeter level accuracy.

Georeferenced Orthomosaic Maps

  • Highly detailed, with centimeter level GSD’s (Ground Sampling Distances).
  • Centimeter level measuring accuracy across the entire project.
  • Easily visualize site progress or changes over time via regularly scheduled missions.
  • Export to Google Earth/Maps.
  • Great as Base Camp maps for any operation involving large areas.

DSM’s /DTM’s/DEM’s & Contour Lines

  • Quickly understand and visualize the surrounding terrain.
  • Quick volumetric measurements for quarries, mines and stockpiles.
  • Great visualization tool for predicting water run-off or flooding patterns.
  • Monitor rates of erosion or other changes in the surrounding terrain.
  • Highly zoomable and detailed digital, orthorectified maps.
  • Hardcopy maps can also be provided.
  • Extremely accurate virtual survey creating a pinpoint georeferenced and/or orthorectified digital model, allowing for measurements to be taken at anytime and of any object or distance within the project at your convenience and from the comfort and safety of your office.
  • A Relative Accuracy (accuracy within the project) of 1 X GSD.
  • Absolute Accuracy (georeferenced) of 1-2 X GSD in the x and y coordinates and 1-3 X GSD in the z coordinates when combined with GCP’s.
  • Increased safety of personnel, especially in difficult or dangerous terrain, since all data (excepts GCP’s) is collected in the air, eliminating the need for labor intensive, manual ground observations.
  • No need to cease site operations during the survey.  Since all data (except GCP’s) is collected in the air, you can continue to operate normally without interruption.
  • Seamlessly import completed projects into a large variety of industry standard GIS, CAD and Photogrammetry software.

For each mission, we deliver a detailed Quality Report so you may rest assured that our results fall within your specifications. Click below or call (203) 244-9900.